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Confidence Club:
Skills Groups for Children & Group Therapy for Anxious Adolescents

We are currently accepting new clients for weekly therapeutic skills groups for elementary-school and early middle-school-aged children.  Each group runs for 12 weeks at $125 / session.  Current group offerings are listed on the contact form below. Children will be grouped together based on age and compatibility.  An initial consultation call will help determine the most appropriate placement for your child. If your child does not fit in with an upcoming group, new ones are always forming!

  • Emotional Regulation & Social Skills: Could your child use some help with managing big feelings and impulses?  Are these difficulties interfering with their functioning at school, home, or with friends?  This group draws from Michelle Garcia-Winner's social thinking curriculum, using a narrative-based approach to these behaviors by externalizing them as "Unthinkables" characters, or villains, that your child will learn to combat - just like their favorite superheroes!  Using a group format where your child can connect to peers who have similar struggles is an effective and fun way for children to develop skills in these areas and build new friendships.  This is a great group for children with ADHD or high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, although neither diagnosis is a requirement to join the group.  Neurotypical children who struggle with these challenges benefit as well, and groups are typically a mix of neurotypical and neurodivergent kids. Accepting new clients aged 5-12.  All groups are divided by age brackets of 1-2 years (e.g. kindergarten/1st grade, ages 8-10, ages 11-12).

  • Take Charge of Anxiety!: Does your child struggle with constant worrying or anxious ruminations? Are their fears getting in the way of their ability to enjoy life?  This group will present the origins of anxiety in a way that children can understand and resonate with.  Understanding their anxious response is the first step to overcoming their fears.  This group draws partially from the Coping Cat curriculum, teaching cognitive behavioral therapy skills that children can use with the help of a caregiver or on their own in order to manage their anxiety.  Accepting new clients aged 5-13, kindergarten through middle school.  All groups are divided by age brackets of 1-2 years (e.g. ages 7-9, ages 8-10, tweens/middle school).

  • The Teen Anxiety group is held every Sunday at 3pm. This is a support group where struggling teens work to manage their anxious stressors together.  No matter what your teen's triggers are, the group weaves in cognitive-behavioral approaches and mindfulness strategies so teens can build the tools they need to manage their anxiety. Research has shown that group therapy is an especially effective treatment modality for those suffering from social anxiety.  Exposure is key to overcoming anxiety, and individual therapy alone does not provide the opportunity for teens to face their fears head on.  Group therapy provides a supportive environment where your teen can connect with peers they can identify with and build relationships with, and at $125 / session is far less costly than traditional talk therapy. This group is open to ages 13-18.

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