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Assessment Work

Dr. Ekman provides a wide range of assessments for adults and for children as young as three; school-aged children, college students, and adult professionals all fall within Dr. Ekman's range of assessment experience.   Assessments are conducted in-person in Oakland, and there are also some remote testing options.  Dr. Ekman also contracts with school districts and travels to conduct IEE assessments located outside of the Bay Area.


Cognitive, neuropsychological, learning, and socio-emotional testing services are offered.  Assessment services include testing for:



-Learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, nonverbal LD)

-Mood Disorders

-Autism Spectrum Disorder

-IQ testing for school admissions

-Memory deficits

-And more!

The assessment process includes a one-hour intake, 2-9 hours of testing depending on the referral question, a 1-1.5 hour feedback session, and full written report.

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