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Kate Ekman, Psy.D.

Skills Groups. Assessments. Therapy.
Specializing in Child Psychology.



Individual & Family

Dr. Ekman is not actively taking new patients for individual or family therapy.  Therapy services are currently being offered in the form of skills groups and group therapy, although the need for individual and family therapy may be offered on an as-needed basis.


Confidence Club: Therapeutic Skills Groups for Children and Adolescents

For children who could use work on emotional regulation, social skills, and managing anxiety, weekly skills groups can help your child master those skills and build confidence for life.


Also offering therapy and skills groups for adolescents struggling with anxiety. 

All groups are in-person.  No more Zoom fatigue!


Assessment Work

Dr. Ekman also specializes in psychoeducational, neuropsychological, and socioemotional evaluations for both children and adults.


Confidence Club: Overcome ADHD With Executive Functioning Boot Camps

Two-day "boot camp" style intensives drilling EF skills for elementary through high school.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Dr. Kate Ekman is a clinical psychologist specializing in assessment and treatment of children and adolescents through a cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and family systems oriented lens.  She relies on evidence-based treatment of mood disorders, and believes that reinforcement of skills at home is a vital part of treatment.  Her approach is collaborative between children, parents/caregivers, and clinician, working primarily with the child, but also teaching these critical skills to caregivers who can work on learned skills and concepts outside of the therapy room as well, cementing their efficacy.

About Dr. Kate

Dr. Kate Ekman is a child psychologist operating through private practice in Oakland.  She specializes in teaching CBT skills targeting emotional regulation, anxiety reduction, and depressive thinking, and has found that teaching skills in a group setting is a fun and interactive way to engage children and empower them to manage their stressors and triggers. 

Getting Help

If your child has been having a hard time in school, at home, or in other social settings, or if they could just use a little nudge in the right direction, my Confidence Club skills groups may be a perfect fit. 


Call now for a free consultation.

(510) 255-5141‬




Self Esteem


Emotional Regulation


Executive Functioning


Social Skills


Our child took the Emotional Regulation and Social Skills course. Dr. Kate had a great way of breaking down complex topics to his kindergarten class and made the class fun and engaging. He enjoyed seeing his social club mates and learning new skills each week, and we still use the vocabulary and skills he built there to solve challenges that arise more effectively. I am thankful that Dr. Kate held this class in person for such young learners, as we wouldn't have been able to take it until many years down the road otherwise.


--Kindergarten Parent

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